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    Definitely not your ordinary culinary professional

    Under her premise and forthcoming publishing, "Cooking is not that Serious", Chef FaReal adds a unique flavor to dining. The Chef's comical approach to all-things-kitchen inspires a whimsical view on preparing meals and experiencing the kitchen. Seasoned into every message are subliminal feel goods, affirmations and elements of mindfulness, free thinking.


    In a literal sense, the kitchen is a place to conjure up a meal idea in the mind and eventually manifesting it into a tangible delicacy for consumption. Metaphorically, however, Chef FaReal sees the kitchen as a place of intellect where thoughts are formed, that in time shape the reality we create and become. Thus, the irony of the message challenges the status quo, widens the mental horizons and offers alternative thought on what we've learned and come to know as fact.

    More than meal preparation, Chef FaReal intends to give pa-trons nourishment that provides a mental, emotional and spiritual balance. In order to be completely fulfilled, more than the stomach has to be entertained. The FaReal experience is like none other.


    So, bring your consciousness, sense of humor and appetite for creative mentionables. Come discover this cosmic kitchen and get a taste of FaReal magic.

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